Is It Safe to Combine Cosmetic Procedures?

When you want to treat more than one area of your body, is it possible to undergo multiple cosmetic surgeries or treatments?

When considering cosmetic surgery, or even non-surgical treatments, it’s not uncommon for patients to want to address multiple concerns.

So, is it possible to safely combine procedures? The short answer is yes, but it depends. There are a number of factors that determine whether a patient can undergo multiple procedures. Age, body weight, fitness and existing medical conditions are all to be considered before a surgeon gives the go-ahead.

Why Combine Cosmetic Procedures?

The main reason why patients choose to combine procedures is to save time. Planning for a recovery period can be challenging if you have a family to care for, work a full-time job, or both. Combination procedures only require one recovery period, which is ideal.

In the case of cosmetic surgery, combining procedures can also save you money. This is because you only need to pay for one hospital bed and the services of a single anaesthetist.
For patients who have health and age-related risks, undergoing a combination surgery keeps risks and complications to a minimum.

Combining non-surgical procedures can be a little trickier. There are certain procedures that can’t be performed in one session, for example laser treatments and fillers to the same region. Whether or not the procedures you have in mind can be combined can be determined during your consultation.

Common Combinations to Consider

According to A/Prof Magnusson, breast surgery is often combined with abdominoplasty and arm lifts – arm lifts are also combined with thigh lifts.

Whether or not you can combine two or more procedures in dependent on the age and general health of the patient. Overall, surgeons prefer to complete a surgery within four to six hours, anything beyond this increases the risk of complications.

During your consultation, your surgeon will take you through the possibilities based on your specific goals. It’s important to have realistic expectations before your consultation because there is a chance you may require additional surgery if you have multiple concerns, which is typical of weight loss patients.

In terms of non-surgical procedures, if the combination you have in mind is not possible, your surgeon will assist you with a custom treatment plan that’s designed to achieve your goals.

Whatever you decide, know that it’s safe to combine procedures if you are in good general health and body weight, provided you have the assistance of a reputable surgeon.