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The Procedure

A Breast Lift is performed to tighten the skin, making the breasts look and feel firmer and raising the nipples to a higher position. The procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic, and will require a short hospital stay.

There are various approaches to a breast lift procedure, and these will be explained to you in detail by Dr Magnusson upon consultation. He will also guide you on which of these would suit you based on the degree of surgery required, body shape and preference.

On top of tightening the skin and lifting the underlying tissue, the nipple and areola are also made to point at a right angle from the body, instead of pointing downwards.

Am I a Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery?

A Breast Lift may be suitable if you are satisfied with the proportions of your breasts and cup size, but are unsatisfied with where your breasts sit.

A suitable candidate for Breast Lift surgery is usually someone who:

  • Has breasts that are sagging, but satisfactory in size.
  • Is over 18 years old. (Breasts may continue to grow up until the age of 18, therefore a candidate needs to be over 18 years old.)
  • In good overall health and at or near their goal weight.
  • Has no serious medical issues.
  • Has areolas and nipples that point downward.
  • Is knowledgeable about how the procedure is administered.
  • Has breasts that lack substance or firmness.

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