Breast Lifts For Women In Toowoomba & The Gold Coast

breast lift surgery with dr mark magnusson

General skin laxity and major life events such as pregnancy and significant weight loss can all affect the appearance of the breasts. A breast lift aims to:

  • Reposition the nipple so that it sits in the centre of the breast
  • Reposition the nipple to look forward and not down
  • Reduce the size of the areola
  • Tighten the breast tissue to feel firmer
  • Sit the breasts higher on the chest to restore a more youthful appearance
  • Reduce or eliminate the skin on skin contact between the breast and lower ribs

This surgery is also used commonly for developmental breast concerns, such as tuberous breasts, constricted breasts and breast asymmetry.

There are a number of approaches that can be used during a breast lift (mastopexy) procedure, all of which will be explained to you during your consultation with A/Prof Magnusson in Toowoomba.

During your consultation, A/Prof Magnusson will also take your body shape and personal aesthetic goals into consideration when developing a breast surgery plan to meet your needs.

The breast lift procedure

A breast lift will take about two hours to complete and will require a general anaesthetic.

There are several types of incisions that can be used to access the breast tissue, with the lollipop and anchor incisions being the most common. Both of these incisions will be made around the areola and down towards the crease under the breast. The anchor technique is used when there is more excess skin and laxity and this incision will also travel across the crease of each breast.

During surgery, on top of tightening and lifting the skin and the underlying tissue, the nipple and areola are also made to point at a right angle from the body instead of pointing downwards.

 There are frequent additions to a standard mastopexy procedure that A/Prof Magnusson utilises regularly. Implants can be incorporated into the surgery for an increase in size. The upper pole of the breast is a frequent area of concern following weight loss and pregnancy and implants can help to increase the fullness of this area.

If a patient would prefer not to use implants, fat grafting can also be used to improve the emptiness in the upper pole or accentuate the cleavage and side breast lines. Fat won’t be able to increase the breast size as much as an implant, but is an excellent choice for shaping the breast, filling the upper pole and a moderate size increase when the breast is within a cup size of the goal. If this option is selected, excess fat will be removed from another area of the body such as the tummy and thighs. Once the fat has been processed, it will be injected into the breasts to add more volume.

While a breast lift will not necessarily affect your ability to breastfeed, pregnancy may affect your results and further surgery may be required later on.

Breast Lift Candidates

For women in Toowoomba, the Gold Coast and around Brisbane, a breast lift may be suitable if you are satisfied with the proportions of your breasts and cup size, but are unsatisfied with the shape or droop of your breasts.

A suitable candidate for breast lift surgery is usually someone who:

  • Has breasts that are sagging but are satisfactory in size.
  • Has developmental breast concerns, such as tuberous breast or significant asymmetry (surgery can be performed before the age of 18 in appropriate circumstances for these conditions) .
  • Has areolas and nipples that point downward or sit low on the breast.
  • Has breasts that lack substance or firmness.
  • Is in good overall health and at or near their goal weight.
  • Has no serious medical issues.
  • Is knowledgeable about how the procedure is administered.

Unless applied for these developmental or reconstructive problems, mastopexy surgery is a cosmetic procedure so patients will need to be 18 years or older.

Breast Lifts:

Undertaking cosmetic surgery (also known as aesthetic plastic surgery) is an intensely personal and private decision that can have very positive effects. Success comes from helping individual patients clarify their goals and then creating a bespoke plan to achieve them. With a combination of communication, experience and knowledge, A/Prof Mark Magnusson has helped many patients across Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Gold Coast. Let A/Prof Magnusson help you with your aesthetic journey.

Breast Lift Before and After Gallery

Discuss breast lift surgery at your consultation in Toowoomba

If you would like to learn more about breast lift surgery, including the risks and recovery period, please contact reception to arrange a consultation with A/Prof Magnusson at either his Toowoomba or Gold Coast clinic. He has assisted patients throughout Brisbane and surrounding areas with this procedure. He can also provide you with information on additional breast procedures, including breast augmentation or breast reduction.


Breast Lifts – frequently asked questions

How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost?

The final cost of a breast lift will depend on several factors, including hospital and anaesthetist fees, as well as whether or not implants and fat grafting will be included. A/Prof Magnusson’s team can provide you with an accurate quotation following your consultation. In certain circumstances, some of the costs associated with a breast lift may be covered by Medicare or private health insurers for developmental concerns, significant asymmetry and occasionally after significant weight loss.

Do I need to include implants in my breast lift surgery?

There is absolutely no need to insert implants during your breast lift procedure if you are happy with the size of your breasts. For a mild to moderate increase in size, fat grafting may be an alternative to breast implants. If you only want to address the droop and improve the shape, implants or fat grafting may not be necessary.

How long will the results of my breast lift last?

Following surgery, the ageing process will continue, just from a new starting point. While the breast won’t suddenly lose the benefits of surgery, there will be some ongoing gradual changes. Age, genetics, health and diet will all play a role in how long your results will last. Even the surgical techniques that are used can make a difference.

How will my nipples be affected by a breast lift?

It’s not uncommon for there to be a change in nipple sensation following a breast lift. However, in most instances, sensation will return to normal again after six to 12 months. While an incision will need to be made near the nipple to reposition it, it will remain attached to the necessary nerves and blood supply throughout your surgery, so there is little chance that loss of sensation will be permanent. Although any breast surgery can impact breast feeding, there are many women who have breastfed after this surgery.

What can I expect during my recovery period?

Mastopexy surgery is usually less painful than women expect. While every patient is different, most women will have recovered and be able to return to all activities after six weeks. During this time, mild pain, bruising and swelling is common, but these effects should subside within two weeks. Prescription pain medication will help alleviate any pain and discomfort during your recovery. Patients are encouraged to sleep on their backs for the first week or two to avoid putting pressure on the breasts. Light exercise such as walking can be resumed after a week, but a regular exercise routine, especially one that includes the upper body, will only be permitted after six weeks. A compression garment will also need to be worn for six weeks as this will reduce swelling and provide your breasts with the necessary support.

Are there any risks associated with a breast lift?

Infection and haematoma are two risks associated with breast lift surgery. Infections will need to be treated immediately with an antibiotic. Haematoma can resolve on its own, however the excess blood may need to be drained.

Reoperation is very uncommon. Change or loss of nipple and breast sensation can occur, but this is usually impermanent. Lastly, size irregularities and asymmetry are normal in all breasts. While obvious differences are addressed with surgery, minor residual differences are a realistic expectation to have. Again, remember that even natural breasts are never perfectly symmetrical.

Will there be scarring after a breast lift?

Scarring is an inevitable after effect of all surgery, including a breast lift. Scars will begin to fade four to six months after surgery, however it may take 12 to 18 months for the scar to fade to its final, pale state.

The incisions will be made in areas that can be covered by underwear or swimwear. A/Prof Magnusson routinely uses scar management tools to maximise the outcomes and actively intervenes to improve scar outcomes if needed.