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Breast Asymmetry Correction improves the shape and contour of the breasts and if required, lowers a nipple to be better positioned, leaving the shape and size of the breast symmetrical and in balance with the rest of the body. The procedure can be incredibly successful with improving patient self-esteem and confidence. The choice of which procedure to undergo to correct breast asymmetry is something Dr Magnusson will thoroughly discuss with you during your initial consultation.

Breast Asymmetry Correction Can:

  • Restore a more even volume, shape and position to the breast mound
  • Address discrepancies in the position of the breast crease or nipple
  • Refine the dimensions and shape of the breasts


The Procedure

Breast asymmetry is where one breast develops bigger than the other. Naturally, each breast for most women is slightly different in size and also in shape to the other- with some differences more prominent in some women than others.

There are several options that can be considered to correct this condition. The first step in determining a treatment plan is to decide which breast is the most desirable, the most natural or if possibly both breasts will require treatment.

Surgery for breast asymmetry may involve enlargement of the smaller breast, reduction or lift of a larger breast, or surgery on both breasts. Breast Augmentation surgery can be administered on one breast, enhancing its size and making it similar to the other. Breast Reduction surgery can also be administered to decrease the size of the larger breast. This procedure involves removing excess skin and fat. Both surgical procedures result in breasts that are very much alike in size.


Am I a Suitable Candidate for Breast Asymmetry Surgery?

With breast asymmetry, every woman’s situation is treated differently. The fundamental goal will be to form two breasts that match each other as closely as possible for both shape and size.

Do you have any of the following concerns?

  • Noticeably uneven breasts
  • The nipple on your breast(s) is higher or lower than the other
  • Areolar(s) is/are misshapen & un-proportioned with the breast
  • Your breast(s) need more upper breast volume
  • Your breast(s) is shaped differently
  • Breast tissue sags low in one breast more than the other
  • Bras fit poorly and are uncomfortable due to asymmetry
  • Breasts have changed in size, contour and shape over time creating asymmetry

Regardless of your reasons, if you answered yes to one or more of these concerns, you could be a candidate for Dr Magnusson’s Breast Asymmetry surgery. Suitable candidates should be in otherwise good health, without a history of medical conditions that can impair healing or otherwise pose risks on the surgery or the outcome of which.

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Dr Mark Magnusson

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