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A Facelift is designed to address a few specific problems that come with age, such as:

  • Loss of muscle tone in the face and neck
  • Loss of skin elasticity/laxity
  • Loss of chin and neck contours
  • Pronounced nasolabial folds


The Procedure

Modern facelift techniques are more sophisticated than ever, capable of making you look years younger. After conducting a thorough evaluation of your facial characteristics, Dr Magnusson will develop a customised facelift surgery to help you achieve the best results possible.

As with all aesthetic surgery, it’s important to establish goals and priorities. Dr Magnusson will talk with you at length about what areas of your face concern you the most. These goals and priorities will form the foundation for selecting the appropriate procedures to best address your concerns.

Facelift surgery can turn back the clock on your appearance in many different ways, including:

Tightening facial muscles: The underlying facial structures, tend to sag with age. Before repairing your loose skin, Dr Magnusson will tighten and rearrange this underlying structure into a better shape. This will put less tension on your skin and help the results of your face lift last longer.

Repairing loose skin: The sagging skin will carefully be trimmed back and tightened to restore a youthful and natural look.

Improving facial contours: A mid facelift helps repair a smoother look to the lower eyelids and cheeks. Whereas a lower facelift creates a more attractive jawline, smoothing out the neck area and eliminating jowls.


Am I a Suitable Candidate for Facelift Surgery?

There is no age limit for when face and neck surgery should be administered; although the most suitable candidates are between 40 and 65.

You may be a suitable candidate if:

  • You have noticeable signs of ageing (skin laxity/sagging skin)
  • You are near or at your ideal weight (excessive weight gain or loss will affect the results of surgery)

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