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Through Breast Revision, we can resolve a number of issues related to a former surgery, including problems with implant placement or uneven breasts, improving the appearance of scars, removing excess scar tissue around the implants and addressing implant replacement, adjustment or removal. The goal of Breast Revision surgery is to give you beautiful, natural looking results.

Whether you desire breast implant removal or replacement, the surgery will deliver results designed to better achieve your aesthetic goals and increase your physical comfort.

Revision Breast surgery offers the following benefits:

  • Allows you to change the shape or size of your breasts
  • Revising symmetry between both breasts
  • Corrects periprosthetic capsular contracture
  • Gives you a more youthful breast shape and body contour


The Procedure

Breast revision is administered to reshape, resize or remove existing breast implants. The procedure repairs the shape and appearance of breasts previously augmented years ago but not perfect according to your present physique.

The details of this procedure vary, depending on the reason the individual is considering Breast Revision surgery. Generally, Dr Magnusson must remove the breast implant(s) and recreate an enhanced implant pocket that correctly supports the new breast implant(s).

Dr Magnusson can generally use the original incision site or an incision underneath the breast for the procedure, removing the original scar and creating a new incision in the exact location, as needed.


Am I a Candidate for Breast Revision Surgery?

Women considering Revision Breast surgery should schedule a consultation with Dr Magnusson- who will review their cosmetic concerns and needs and establish whether or not they are a candidate for surgery.

Suitable candidates for Breast Revision surgery include individuals who:

  • Want to repair breast asymmetry or implant malposition
  • Want to adjust the size of their implants
  • Want to correct issues that have materialised with their implants and/or the surrounding breast tissue.
  • Wish to remove breast implants permanently
  • Want to repair changes in the appearance of breast implants due to excessive weight gain, pregnancy and/or breastfeeding

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