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Women in Toowoomba, Brisbane and the Gold Coast choosing breast enlargement look for fuller and firmer breasts that are well proportioned to their body, resulting in a more appealing shape. Breast implants replace lost volume, giving your breasts the fullness you desire.

A Breast Enlargement can help you:

  • Increase body confidence and improve body proportions to feel more self-confident
  • Have a more balanced physique and enjoy more clothing choices
  • Feel more comfortable in swimsuits, lingerie and other fashions
  • Decrease self-consciousness when wearing tightly fitted clothing
  • Regain breast fullness and cleavage that went ‘missing’ after childbearing or breastfeeding


Breast Augmentation Procedure

During your initial consultation, Dr Magnusson will evaluate where you are starting from in regards to your breast size, shape, nipple position, skin elasticity and chest width. He’ll then take the time to understand what you are hoping your end result to be, before explaining the surgical technique and implant options available to you.

Dr Magnusson will advise implants that have the projection and shape needed to achieve your desired outcome and fit your figure best to create a balanced and pleasing appearance in proportion to your hips, rib cage and shoulders.

You will be required to fill out an information sheet on arrival that will take about five minutes. If necessary, a staff member will assist you where possible. Please allow time for this process in your calculation of arrival time. It will also be necessary for our Nursing staff to take clinical photos before your consultation. This is a general requirement of your consultation with our Surgeon’s and will form part of your clinical record.

Dr Magnusson operates under general anaesthetic in an operating theatre in an accredited surgical facility. He will then insert your chosen implants according to the location and incision site you have discussed, taking every care possible to minimise and hide your scars. Dr Magnusson will lift your breast tissue to make a pocket for your implant, either behind your breast tissue or underneath your chest wall muscle, before centring your implants behind your nipples. All sutures used are absorbable, so you won’t require any stitches to be removed.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Breast Enlargement Surgery?

Breast Enlargement Surgery can help you change the size, shape, position, firmness or symmetry of your breasts, and help you achieve a curvier figure.

Suitable Candidates for Breast Enlargement are:

  • Young women with small breasts
  • Women who have had children and post lactational involution
  • Women who have had children and have breast ptosis (sag) with a loss of firmness and shape to their breasts
  • Women who have breast asymmetry (different sized breasts)
  • Women who have had breast tissue removed surgically
  • Women with breasts that are small for their frame despite a fuller figure
  • Women who would prefer larger breasts

Book an appointment for breast enhancement in Brisbane, Toowoomba or the Gold Coast

A/Prof Magnusson can discuss the breast enhancement procedure with you and provide you with information regarding risks and recovery times at your initial consultation. He has assisted patients in Brisbane and throughout Queensland. Request an appointment by contacting reception at either his Toowoomba or Gold Coast clinics today.

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